Why Storytelling Matters, and Why You Should Care!

The list of storytelling benefits is so long, we’d be here all day if we had to go through everything, so we’ll stick with our top six.

Benefits of Storytelling


Children thrive through repetition and routine. Regular storytelling, at the same time every night, creates a sense of familiarity at hearing the same voice again and again. This is also your chance to influence them in a positive light!

Fuels the Imagination

With kids being force-fed visuals most of the time, storytelling forces them to conjure up their own mental pictures, strengthening creative thinking skills and improving their attention span.


Storytelling nurtures the bond you share with your child, through time dedicated for the two of you to spend together. Relieve anxiety and build a seamless bridge from day to night, ensuring your child effortlessly slips into peaceful slumber.

Establishes a healthy routine

By ending each day with a magical tale, your child will find comfort and security in knowing what’s to come tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

Brain Development

Neurochemistry research shows that stories quite literally “change” the brain, improving cognitive skills while expanding vocabulary. Also, by feeding their passion for stories early in life, you’ll open up an insatiable hunger for more - and a passion for reading that lasts a lifetime.

Less Stress

When kids are comfortable, surrounded by the people (and cuddly toys) they love most, tell them a story out loud to lower their stress levels even more. Neuroscientists suggest that storytelling, fused with “snuggling,” may lower cortisol levels to aid concentration and relaxation!

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