At JustOneMore, we are passionate about using storytelling to create magical connections between parents and their children.

Bedtime rituals help kids switch off the stresses of modern life and explore their own imagination, while improving cognitive skills and strengthening the bond they share with their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everyone in-between.

Oh, and did we mention less stress for Mom and Dad? Bedtime stories help little ones slip into peaceful slumber - an alternate universe of peace, quiet, and downtime for parents!


Meet The Team

Parents have been telling their children stories for thousands of years, probably millennia - using the power of storytelling to inspire creative thinking, feed the imagination, and strengthen the bond between parent and child. But - with the busy lives we lead, finding time for bedtime stories can be tough. That’s why we created JustOneMore, where the whole family can customize original audio stories. We believe in using bedtime stories to establish healthy evening routines while helping kids do what they do best - be kids!

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The JOM Team


Paul Hickey


Investment Banker & Angel Investor

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JustOneMore is more than just an app for kids - it’s a tool to strengthen the bonds you share with your entire family.

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