Create a routine.

Build a bond.

Tighten your family.

At JustOneMore, we are passionate about using storytelling to create magical connections between parents and their children. Studies show that bedtime stories boost brain development, increase vocabulary, strengthen logical thinking, and help little ones slip into peaceful slumber - an alternate universe of peace, quiet, and downtime for parents!

It’s more than just a bedtime story - it’s a way to look beyond the blaring screens and spend time with your loved ones while lighting up the imagination!

Reimagine bedtime stories with us!

We’re sure your parents told stories to you in bed, just as your grandparents did for your parents, and your great grandparents did for them.

Bedtime stories are tales as old as time. Rituals and traditions are carried through the generations for a reason. They work! Bedtime rituals help kids switch off the stresses of modern life and explore their own imagination, while improving cognitive skills and strengthening the bond they share with their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and everyone in-between.

The problem with parental stress

Studies show that only 13% of parents tell stories to their kids nightly - storytelling Moms and Dads attribute to stress and time-poverty. 87% of parents believe that bedtime storytelling is critical to childhood education and development.

By finding just 5-10 extra minutes to tell your little one a story by moonlight, you can both unwind and escape to another world, where your child is less wound up, and you’re less strung out!

Create Memories That Last a Lifetime

Time flies by quicker than we can keep track of, and in today’s modern world, it’s getting harder and harder to make time for the things that matter.

Just One More app helps you make time stand still, slowing things down to treasure every precious moment. We also understand that family can’t always be together, which can be heartbreaking. Just One More brings you just a little closer to the people you care about, telling bedtime stories to little ones - and you don’t even have to be on the same continent.

No matter where you live, or whether you’re a parent, grandparent, brother from another mother, or sister from another mister, you too can connect with the little ones by easily creating custom audio stories with a purpose©. They can listen to your voice and story again and again, cherishing your sound and sentiment in English or Spanish.

Become a Creator

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The whole family can use our templates to create and listen to customized, original audio stories for their favorite little humans.


Customize our original stories to your heart’s content. Add, remove, tweak, and change in minutes, creating stories you see fit for your kid


Use our blueprints or create a new tale from scratch. Our most-played original stories can be monetized by our users!


Done? Share your story with the world and join the globe’s biggest, fastest-growing library of custom audio stories with a purpose© in English or Spanish.

Why It Matters

A bedtime story is so much more than just a, well, bedtime story. By spending just 5-10 minutes each night telling your child a story, you can improve their brain development, naturally increase their vocabulary, and foster logical thinking. Bedtime stories raise smart leaders of future generations, all through the ancient tradition of storytelling.




of storytelling.

Facts don’t lie.

Close your eyes and think back to childhood. Do you remember being told bedtime stories by your parents? Do you remember snuggling up while Mom and/or Dad carry you away to an alternate universe of magical lands, princes, princesses, and dragons?

Bedtime storytelling is an incredibly important part of childhood for us all, and studies show that it is actually important for our social, emotional, mental, and cognitive development. Bedtime storytelling is a cherished tradition that’s been carried through the generations for centuries - and for a good reason.

Your Story, Your Way.

Anyone can tell a bedtime story. It takes a hero to create an original story written exclusively for your pride and joy. With our blueprints, you can pick your favorite plotline and tweak, edit, or simplify it as you see fit.

Maybe you want to make it more intricate for your little Einstein! Regardless, getting started with JustOneMore is easy, the smartest way to create custom audio stories with a purpose© in English or Spanish.



More added monthly




Is from someone they love

Foster Familiarity. Cultivate Comfort.

Kids thrive in comfort zones where familiarity is ripe. You don’t have to be a pro voiceover artist to create a custom audio story for your favorite little human.

They’ll love hearing your voice again and again, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort whenever they hear you start to speak. You don’t even need to be in the same room - you could record in Canada and press play in Japan. With Just One More, there are no barriers or limits.

Original stories

We know that you’re busy, and you might not have the time to create your own custom-audio story.

That’s why we’re building the world’s biggest online library of custom audio stories with a purpose©, each of which has a valuable life lesson to share. Build meaningful bedtime rituals from the other side of the house or the other side of the world. It’s all about building bonds that last a lifetime, while promoting better cognitive development of our little future leaders.






Instant Access

Get instant access to our ever-growing audio stories library.

Upload your own custom stories or use your favorite ones as a blueprint.

These will become a valuable family keepsake for years to come and your kids will love them!

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